2020 MPLSART Sketchbook Project

A Collaborative Art Project Supporting Artists and Bringing Creators Together


MPLSART is launching the Sketchbook Project - a new intiative to bring artists together in a time of isolation as well as a way to financially support artists. MPLSART will be circulating 5 sketchbooks to artists throughout the Twin Cities. Each artist will contribute up to 2 pages of work - drawing, painting, collage, photography, etc. Then the artist will hand off the sketchbook to another artist to do the same until the sketchbooks are filled.

Once the sketchbooks are filled, MPLSART will auction off the sketchbooks. Additionally, we will publish a book of the collected sketchbooks. All profits will be spit evenly among the contributing artists.

We hope this project will help connect artists during these crazy times and provide a well needed financial boost.

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Rules for Contributing Artists

Before contributing to the sketchbook, there are a few rules to help make this a success and be respectful of other artists' work

  • Leave the front and back of the first page blank
  • Only draw on the front of a page
  • Draw on up to 2 pages
  • Print name and medium on the back of the page(s) with your contribution
  • Optionally Sign the front or back of the page(s) with your contirbution
  • Use any medium**, but be respectful of other artists' contributions when using wet medium, sharpies, spray paint, etc. ** No Glitter.
  • Do not make marks on other artists’ work unless you have permission.
  • Do not remove any pages
  • Complete your contribution within 1 week of receiving the sketch book.
  • Once complete, please contact MPLSART for us to pick up the sketchbook.
Legal Notice

You (“Artist”) grant MPLSART Support Group, LLC dba MPLSART.COM (“MPLSART”) the right to publish Artist's contribution in a collected volume (the “Sketchbook”). Publication of any of Artist’s contribution(s) within the Sketchbook is within the sole discretion of MPLSART. MPLSART may also, in its sole discretion, withdraw from publication any of Artist’s contributions that were previously selected or approved for publication. Artist agrees that MPLSART may make the Sketchbook available for sale to the public. By contributing to the Sketchbook, Artist represents that Artist’s contribution does not conflict with any other contractual obligations and/or infringe on any intellectual property rights. Artist agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MPLSART for any infringement of intellectual property rights and/or contract rights resulting from Artist’s contribution. While in possession of the Sketchbook, Artist agrees to not alter other artists' contributions and adhere to the rules listed above. By contributing to the Sketchbook Artist also agrees that MPLSART is not liable if Artist’s contribution is altered, defaced, destroyed, or lost by another contributing artist or MPLSART.

Sketchbook Specifications

We didn't want low quality paper to inhibit artists' creativity so we purchased Extra Heavy Weight Stillman & Birn sketchbooks. They're wonderful and provide an excellent surface to work with for most mediums. Details:

  • Stillman & Birn Beta Series
  • 180lb/270 gsm Cold Press Surface
  • Suitable for Dry & Wet Media, Watercolor, Ink
  • 7x10 inch - 25 sheets
  • Available at Wetpaint

Contributing Artists

  • AK Garski
  • Allison Anne
  • Amina Harper
  • Annie Hejny
  • Colee Recke
  • Derek Meier
  • Jaida Grey Eagle
  • Jane Wunrow
  • Jax Quackenbush
  • Jesse Quam
  • Joe Lipscomb
  • Katie Garrett
  • Kar-Keat Chong
  • Leslie Barlow
  • Lissa Karpeh
  • Mark Schoening
  • Martzia Thometz
  • Megan Bell
  • Nathan Renken
  • Nick Straight
  • Philipo Dyauli
  • Reggie LeFlore
  • Ron Brown
  • Russ White
  • Sean Ferris
  • Stacy Combs
  • Suyao Tian
  • ... more to come!

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