MPLSART Sketchbook Project 2021

MPLSART Sketchbook Project Artists

Featuring 70 local artists from throughout the Twin Cities

MPLSART worked deliberately to capture a diverse slice of artists working in the Twin Cities. From hobbyists to internationally exhibiting artists, from Jerome Fellows to artists just starting their careers. The project features muralists, studio artists, street artists, graphic novelists, collage artists, Urban Sketchers, and more. Click the name of the artist to see more of their work.

  1. A Drew Hammond (A)
  2. Adam Denton (B)
  3. Alex Kuno (A)
  4. Ali Kahlert (B)
  5. Alison Arens (E)
  6. Alison Bergblom Johnson (A)
  7. Amit Michael (A)
  8. Angel Hawari (B)
  9. Anne Ulku (B)
  10. Anonymous (A)
  11. Barret Lee (A)
  12. Benjamin Brown (A)
  13. Caitlin Karolczak (B)
  14. Charles Denton (D)
  15. Chuck U (C)
  16. CL Martin (D)
  17. Cory Favre (B)
  18. Danielle Pebbles (E)
  19. FOLA (Shade Pratt) (E)
  20. Hibaaq Ibrahim (A)
  21. Hilary Greenstein (C)
  22. Ivy Sendrijas (D)
  23. Jaida Grey Eagle (C)
  24. JDecker (B)
  25. John Sauer (D)
  26. John Schuerman (C)
  27. Jordan Wiebe (D)
  28. Joshua Cunningham (C)
  29. Joshua Wilichowski (B)
  30. Jovan C. Speller (C)
  31. KNZ. (D)
  32. Kristina Fjellman (D)
  33. Lazerwulv (B)
  34. Luis Fitch (E)
  35. Maddi Geislinger (E)
  36. Maiya Lea Hartman (D)
  37. Margarita Sikorskaia (B)
  38. Maria Epiphany Robinson (A)
  39. Marty McConnell (B)
  40. Mary Gibney (D)
  41. Matthew J. Bindert (E)
  42. Mel Sue Castillo (A)
  43. Melissa Lee Sisk (D)
  44. Melodee Strong (B)
  45. Micah Savage (A)
  46. Natalia Berglund (D)
  47. Nicholas Harper (C)
  48. Nicole L. Thomas (A)
  49. Noah Lawrence-Holder (C)
  50. Oni Sakti (D)
  51. Pete Driessen (B)
  52. Piotr Szyhalski / Labor Camp (E)
  53. Preston Drum (C)
  54. Ramses Alarcon (C)
  55. Renee Chartier (E)
  56. Ricardo Levins Morales (B)
  57. Ross Auger (D)
  58. Samuel Fleming (C)
  59. Sarah Nicole (D)
  60. Scott Neff (C)
  61. Simone Needles (C)
  62. Star WallowingBull (A)
  63. sunshine gao (E)
  64. Ta-coumba Aiken (E)
  65. Vickie LaCroix (E)
  66. W S Norton (E)
  67. Wenwen Liao (B)
  68. Xee Reiter (E)
  69. Yunior Rebollar Carbonell (C)
  70. Yuya Negishi (A)
*The letter next to the artist's name designates which of the five original sketchbooks the artist contributed to

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