Plates | Christopher Selleck

Plates | Christopher Selleck

New Polymer Photogravures and Ceramics by Christopher Selleck

Christopher Selleck's exhibit "Plates" is a portrait series of body builders and a small selection of cast ceramic weight plates.  This series is an exploration of the rigid definitions of masculinity through a lens of feminism, race and queer theory that reveal the stagnation of this outmoded form of representation.

The Body Builders were photographed in the artist’s studio from open calls and referrals, and the resulting portraits are of men across age, race, orientation, and fitness level. Using the Polymer Photogravure process, a plate is made of the image, which is hand inked and sent through an intaglio press.  A blend of graphite, black and silver inks are pressed into Rives BFK 100% Cotton paper, the soft fibers showing the deep inset mark of the plate leaving a visible impression in the paper. This exertion and pressure parallel the work done by body builders as they train and diet to achieve an internalized idea of physical perfection. That internalized psychological weight has been central to Selleck’s work over the last several years. The antiquated process to produce these contemporary portraits is a nod to the history of photography that previously limited the production of images depicting male bodies as beautiful and desirable.  The weight plates are made by hand pressing clay into silicone molds, further referencing the of rigid formation of a specific type of masculinity manifested, strength and power are achieved through the repetitive contraction of muscles with weight under force. The stacks of ceramic weight plates are surrogates for the body, the imperfections and foibles of the surface are revealed.

This exhibition will show simultaneously with New Age Nostalgia and Full Spectrum through October 25th 

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Saturday – Sunday 11am-4pm,

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Gallery Capacity will be limited to six people at a time, facemask required. To make an appointment for alternate days contact

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