Full Spectrum | Chris Heidman & Lauren Krukowski

Full Spectrum | Chris Heidman & Lauren Krukowski

An exhibition of work using abstraction as a point of reflection.

Sometimes we need a quiet space, a moment to reflect on the contours of our existence in the form of color and light. Full Spectrum is a combination of paintings by Chris Heidman and Lauren Krukowski that reflect on that space. What do you see when the everyday is only seen as color and shape, a candy wrapper or a sunset?

Krukowski believes that if you look deeper you become absorbed by the essence of visual comfort, everything has beauty sometimes it's only altered by how you can capture that; “I enjoy color mixing and often discover colors through research and play while mixing paint. I also take photographs to collect colors I see day-to-day, the vibrant lavender I have been using lately is a tint of the eastern sky in Brooklyn during sunset.” For Heidman; “Sometimes the color of a candy wrapper, or shapes from he sun setting behind an abandoned fast food restaurant can inspire me to create something. Finding brilliance in the mundane and the awful is the new human condition. It’s essentially a form of recycling.”

Both painters use the abstract image as a point of reflection, to reveal states that defy language. Heidman uses abstraction as a filter for the visual input that is constant in everyday life, using formalism and color theory to make sense of the information influx. Krukowski is fascinated by the relationship between color and light, and often replicates compositions with multiple color relationships to investigate their ability to create and complicate space, mood, and light within an image.  

Virtual Artist Talk Oct 11th
Chris and Lauren will each discuss their individual practices and their current exhibition at SooVAC, Full Spectrum. Join them on Zoom Sunday October 11th from 11am to Noon. There will be a Q&A at the end of the discussion.
Time: Oct 11, 2020 11:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86841878423 Meeting ID: 868 4187 8423

This exhibition will show simultaneously with New Age Nostalgia and Plates through October 25th 

Gallery Hours Saturday – Sunday 11am-4pm

Covid-19 Safety Gallery Capacity will be limited to six people at a time, facemask required. To make an appointment for alternate days contact carolyn@soovac.org.

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