Moby-Dick | Kimble A. Bromley

Moby-Dick | Kimble A. Bromley

The Minnesota Marine Art Museum presents Moby-Dick as a part of their, The Big Catch exhibition series.

This exhibition features 23 expressive paintings by Fargo artist Kimble A. Bromley, inspired by the true 19th century account of a large whale attacking the whaling ship Essex, and Herman Melville's classic novel Moby-Dick (1851) inspired by this remarkable event. Bromley explains “These paintings develop from my own personal life experiences, life experiences as Melville presents aboard the whaling ship Pequod. These experiences are human experiences we can all relate to in some way.” Kimble is a Professor Art at North Dakota State University in Fargo teaching painting, drawing, and art history. 

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Image: (Detail) Kimble A. Bromley, American, b. 1956. Weapons of Mass Destruction (2011), oil on canvas, 50" x 42". 

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