’s first duo exhibition features paintings, experimental video projections, and mixed media installations created by St. Paul based artists Andrea Bagdon and Spencer Gillespie.

Exploring themes of femininity and gender performance through digital  and traditional imagery, Bagdon and Gillespie present sights and sounds that invite you into their world of  haunting feminine aesthetics. BIO: is an experimental art project which examines the symbolic order of femininity and  gender performance to disrupt the contemporary cultural programming of the female-identifying psyche.  Ladylike was created by St. Paul interdisciplinary artists: Andrea Bagdon (she/her) and Spencer Gillespie (She/they) as a means to interrogate and/or reclaim their own relationship to femininity and to be an inclusive  discovery for all femme identifying persons. 

Andrea Bagdon | She/Her | Website:
BIO: Andrea Bagdon’s hybridized practice examines intimate and disrupted domestic scenes through both  experimental video and painting. She has exhibited her paintings and experimental videos nationally and  internationally– including exhibitions at the College of Art Association Conference in Chicago, IL, Fringe  Bath Arts Festival in London, United Kingdom and the Project Gallery V in New York, New York. Her  paintings were also selected to appear in New American Paintings West Issue, No. 156. In addition to being a  practicing artist, Andrea is currently an AP art instructor for a college preparatory high school in the Twin  Cities. Andrea is a St. Paul based artist who received her BFA from Northern Arizona University in 2014 and  her MFA from Colorado State University in 2021. 

Spencer Gillespie | She/They | Website:
BIO: Spencer Gillespie’s practice explores intimate, discarded, and symbolically charged materials to break  down and interrogate gendered social constructs that condition our behavior. Through her interdisciplinary  practice, Spencer focuses on themes of fluidity, performance, and the physical process of art making. She has  exhibited her work nationally – including exhibitions at Morehead State University, KY, Half Snake Art  Collective in Fort Collins, CO along with a solo exhibition in the ArtLab Gallery at Florida Gulf Coast  University in Fort Myers, FL. In addition to being a practicing artist, Spencer works at the Minneapolis  Institute of Art as a school group coordinator. Spencer is a St. Paul based artist who received her BA from  Florida Gulf Coast University in 2017, and her MFA from Colorado State University in 2021.

Open Saturdays and Sundays: 10:00-2:00pm
Appointments available upon request.


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