Art for Fish/Art for Humans | Kristian Brevik

Art for Fish/Art for Humans | Kristian Brevik

The Minnesota Marine Art Museum presents Art for Fish/Art for Humans as a part of their, The Big Catch exhibition series.

Kristian Brevik (American, b. 1988) is an artist, scientist, and educator working in Burlington, VT. They create illuminated sculptural lanterns representing the breadth of biodiversity in the living world. When lit, they reveal skeletons, colors, and patterns of the creatures they represent, casting a warm glow that draws the viewer in. Brevik’s work confronts our relationships with other species, including the harm we cause to marine life, but also invites people to contemplate these issues without being overwhelmed by despair. They seek to find ways that art can help to foster a sense of deep connectedness with the nonhuman kin with whom we share the world and work to improve the ways in which we relate to other beings. Their large, participatory art installations are rooted in the places and ecologies they represent. 

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Image: Kristian Brevik. Beeswax Ghost Salmon (2023) cloth, cornstarch, beeswax, dye, and linseed oil.

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