Art at the Hive  /  Lissa Karpeh

Art at the Hive / Lissa Karpeh

Vivid and powerful expressions on canvas

Lissa Karpeh spent most of Summer 2020 painting murals that honor George Floyd, an unarmed black man murdered by the Minneapolis Department.  

Now, you can view a collection of her paintings at The Hive Salon in Northeast Minneapolis.

Karpeh is a Liberian-American artist working out of Studio 400 in the Northrup King Building. She's cultivating a signature style using brush strokes that send energy flying into the room, balanced with areas of raw canvas. There's a power in the restraint of her process—knowing when to stop.

Her paintings are narrative, sometimes intimate moments with Liberian friends and family at home. There are cultural comments like a pair of high-heeled friends going on a night out, and a child soldier who dreams of trading his machine gun for crayons.

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