Yes, and the body has memory…

Yes, and the body has memory…

Featuring the work of Leah Edelman-Brier, Lorena Molina, Carla Alexandra Rodriguez, and Rikki WrightEvent Website

Thu Nov 15th, 2018 7PM - 9PM CST
Nov 15th - Dec 25th, 2018
Waiting Room @ Gallery 71
7141 France Av S
Edina ( map )

How do familial and cultural histories evolve through generations? What unexplainable, ineffable legacies are formed through trauma? And what is the impact on the body? This exhibition brings together four artists whose work touch on home and its connection to the body. Home as in land, a place of origin / home as the corporeal and spiritual connections to our mothers, sisters, and aunts. Home as a place of deepmemory / tenderroots 

The work is a weaving together of familial and personal history. Understanding the body as a spiritual and physical heirloom.

Curated by Mara Duvra

Note: This exhibition has been moved to Law Warschaw Gallery on view from Jan 5th - 26th.

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