Within a Dream… | Kei Gratton

Within a Dream… | Kei Gratton

Gallery 360 presents Within a Dream inspired by a lifetime of imaginative reverie, local artist Kei Gratton paints the fantastical visions and unparalleled state of being.

This exhibition of multi-layered ethereal abstractions is a chronicle of surreal sensory visions channeled from the innermost part of a dream state. A personal reflection masterfully painted on deep, hand-wrapped canvases, with compelling nature-based symbology and landscape unique to Gratton. Never a paintbrush used, these intuitive canvases are created with steady, layered hand-work and portray the hidden memories of the subconscious.


Left - (detail) Breath of a Shaman- You are Truth, mixed media on canvas 

Right - (detail) White Light Spirit Animal, mixed media on canvas 

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