What's Up Dock?

What's Up Dock?

Interact Gallery is thrilled to announce the upcoming opening of What's Up Dock?, an exhibition featuring work by 28 artists from the Interact studio.

What's Up Dock? plays with idols, icons, and pop culture, visions that linger in our collective memory – alternately dreamy, odd, funny, chilling – that might equally reflect our culture and ourselves.

What makes an idol an idol? As the title suggests, What's Up Dock? is partly a study of the characters that haunt certain pockets of American culture. Gary Rorby's electrifying Bugs Bunny renders the cartoon in a wide-eyed, frenzied state, his mischievous catch phrase at his side. Carl Clark's eerie unnamed clown, painted in flat red and white tones, has an uncanny resemblance to Ronald McDonald. Ashlea Karkula's Shaq O'Neal adorns the athlete with basketballs for shoes, an Icy Hot tube affixed to his bicep as he soars to the hoop. Briana Shelstad's Lady in a Pearl Earring, Devin Wildes's Samsans, and Bill Crane's Star War reference pillars of pop royalty, having titles that play with and poke at idols of art history and box office hits.

Mingling in the sea of familiar faces are more nuanced icons: images of personal significance to their creators that further explore what makes something iconic in the first place. Teazu Juah's energetic flag drawings weave elements of her family history with aesthetic research to craft new emblems of profound meaning to the artist. Janice Essick's shadowy painting of a vessel, its surface flecked with soft patterns, emits a supernatural glow. Kaia Burg's handwritten list of things she plans to draw ("spiders, fingernails, rotten tomatoes...") immortalizes the artist's process.

What's Up Dock? places these images, some ubiquitous and others private, next to each other. Come by and you might find yourself face to face with God or Twiggy or something in between. 


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