Wayfinding: To and From the Studio | Neil Johnston

Wayfinding: To and From the Studio | Neil Johnston

This show highlights several series of paintings by Neil Johnston as part of the Gallery 9 TractorWorks Building Artist in Residency for 2023-24.

Over the years, Johnston has returned to various themes in his painting investigations. Neil's work often responds to his interest in how time, environments, places, and memories, have a lasting impact on people. Combining resin layers, collaged paper, letterforms, landscape views, gps data, maps, and more, Johnston experiments with themes of time, memory, space, and place. Drawing often on his experience with letterforms, scale, and bold imagery, his paintings lead the viewer through many real and unreal landscapes and psychological spaces. Wayfinding: To and From the Studio presents a selection of works from many of these investigations and will be updated throughout 2023-24. 

Watch for new work and announcements periodically by Johnston in Gallery 9 throughout 2023-24. 

Venue Details: Gallery 9, 9th floor, TractorWorks Building -  800 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis

Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday from 7 AM until 6 PM 

North Loop Art Walk Sat Oct 14th 6PM - 8PM
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