Watercolor Pencils for Beginners taught by Jana Komaritsa

Watercolor Pencils for Beginners taught by Jana Komaritsa

Learn how to use watercolor pencils in combination with watercolor to paint a beautiful landscape.

You will study the basic principles of composition and perspective, watercolor and watercolor pencil techniques, work with color mixing and application and learn how to create a landscape painting in watercolor.  This is a beginner’s class and no experience is required. 

You will be painting the image used in class description, but you can choose another image. Please consult with virginia@wetpaintart.com one week before the class to approve the image. 

Supply list

  • A Set of Watercolor Pencils
  • Watercolor Paints. A basic set, 8-12 colors or more.
  • Brushes suitable for watercolor. Average Size 10, 12, round pointed. Bigger can be used too, smaller – for details.
  • Watercolor Paper. Any type. We will work on Letter size.
  • Support Panel. Any panel or pad will work. Can also just use the table. It’s good to be able to elevate and create an angle.
  • Palette
  • Water Cup
  • Paper towel or cloth
  • Masking Tape (optional)

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