Vortex | Jen Stark

Vortex | Jen Stark

Porch Gallery has teamed up with Art Blocks to feature work from the Vortex series by Los Angles based artist Jen Stark

Art Blocks is leading a new generation of art. Hosting projects from today’s most innovative digital artists, our platform combines creative coding with blockchain technology to establish a new paradigm for the creation and ownership of art. Collectors actively participate in realizing an artist’s vision by generating unique algorithmic artworks. This symbiotic relationship and shared experience form the basis of our dynamic community.

Jen Stark’s art is driven by her interest in conceptualizing visual systems to simulate plant growth, evolution, infinity, fractals, mimetic topographies, and sacred geometries. Using available materials—paper, wood, metal, paint—Stark strives to make work that balances on a razor’s edge of optical seduction and perceptual engagement. In recent years, Stark has introduced new technologies into her diverse practice, delving into the digital realm of interactive projections and distinctive NFTs. 

 10 am-10 pm daily through June 17th
 Porch Gallery 3306 Park Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407

The Porch Gallery is a twenty square foot white cube exhibition space wrapped inside a 1903 victorian home. Viewers are encouraged to experience the work from the front porch through a large picture window. The gallery is run by LA transplants Dawn England and Mark Schoening. Full-time security staff include Ozzie, Sharky, and Eggs the cat.

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