Valérie Jardin Artist Talk

Valérie Jardin Artist Talk

Praxis presents an evening with award-winning French photographer Valérie Jardin.

After an overview of what it means to be a street photographer, Valérie will share her creative vision behind a se­lection of recent photographs.

Valérie Jardin’s unique style of street photography is both evocative and authentic. Her work is characterized by a strong sense of narrative, capturing candid moments that reveal the human experience in all its complexity and beauty. With a discerning eye for composition and a keen understanding of light and shadow, she creates emotionally charged photographs of everyday moments. Valérie is a committed teacher and mentor; through international workshops, online courses, conferences, exhibits, podcasts, and books, she shares her knowledge and experience with others.

Free admission for members. Free live-stream.
Suggested $10 donation for non-members. 

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