US: An Art Exhibition

US: An Art Exhibition

Join artist, Roosevelt Mansfield, as he unveils “US: An Art Exhibition” at Strive Bookstore.

A social hour will begin at 4pm with live music by cellist Patricia Ryan and hors d’oeuvres. A short program will follow at 5pm by the artist who will describe his 15-piece photo collection. This event is free and open to the public, but a donation at the door is appreciated. Dress in your own fashion.

Designed to captivate audiences with a powerful message of resilience, creativity, and reclamation, this exhibit features Black people donned in garments inspired by the Victorian era. During this period, however, Black people were often relegated to lower social and economic positions, and were typically denied access to the same fashionable attire that their white counterparts could effortlessly wear.

Nonetheless, many Black people possessed remarkable skills in sewing and garment-making, which led them to find voluntary and involuntary employment in creating exquisite designs for others. The "US: An Art Exhibition" shines a spotlight on the unsung talents and creativity of these Black artisans who worked behind the scenes.

In a powerful twist of reclamation, Roosevelt’s photography showcases extraordinary Victorian-inspired garments on Black models of today, representing Blackness of the future (Afro-Futurism), and symbolizing the reclamation of beauty and craftsmanship that was unjustly denied to Black people of the past.

The "US: An Art Exhibition" will be on display through December 28, 2023. Made possible by the Minnesota State Arts Board. Sponsored by Blck Press, Heimie's Haberdashery, and Lip Esteem.


With a photographic style best described as “classic and vintage, moody and rich,” Roosevelt Mansfield possesses a unique talent of illuminating subjects through his lens. Unafraid to experiment and use equipment in unconventional ways, he artfully employs lighting and angles to craft striking images. And using shadows is one of his signature elements. His background in education and excellent relationship-building skills further enhance his ability to connect with clients.

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