Unloved Creatures Three

Unloved Creatures Three

Rogue Buddha Gallery presents the 3rd installment in their popular group exhibition series

Unloved Creatures Three is a mutation of the wildly successful 2019 and 2020 exhibits at Rogue Buddha Gallery. Eli Libson, Alex Kuno, Heather Renaux, Angel Hawari, DC Ice, Kao Lee Thao and John Sauer are all back and the creativity and energy are multiplied with the inclusion of: Chuck U, John Bivens, Scott Seekins, Benja Wuest, Nicholas Harper and Phaedra Odelle!

This exhibit is spilling over with mind melting, sugary goodness. Strap in and prepare for an adventure for your eyeballs. The Unloved Creatures show will take you to surreal worlds that can only exist in the imaginations of artists. From the happiest Nature Gods & alien animals to dimly lit alternate universes to melancholic carnivals, this show will tantalize with inspiration that perfectly mixes beauty and darkness.

Hours: Wed - Sat 3 to 8pm or by appt.

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