Unloved Creatures 4: Spellbound

Unloved Creatures 4: Spellbound

This group exhibit, now in it’s fourth iteration at Rogue Buddha Gallery, is composed of a dreamy cast of Twin Cities artists who each manifest surreal, beautifully strange characters and the worlds they inhabit.

Dark, mysterious visions of otherworldly beings are conjured and come to life in the hauntingly elegant halls of the Rogue Buddha Gallery.

Each of the artists in this stellar line up shares a magical spell;

Eli Libson
Chuck U
Heather Renaux
John Sauer
Junky Kid
Alex Kuno
Kao Lee Thao
Nicholas Harper
Phaedra Odelle
and Richard Wehrs

Step into the portals of your mind where inter-dimensional beings live within us all and join us for what is sure to be an unforgettable exhibition!

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