Unicorn Art Show 7

Unicorn Art Show 7

In a land far far away called Minneapolis, there lived a people so varied and beautiful they were beloved by all. There were sprites, and wizards, and nymphs, and all manner of magical creatures. And one special night every year they come together to celebrate and feast with each other. A celebration of magic. Come one come all, beasties and fairies alike to rejoice in this Bacchanal. Wear your brightest and most fanciful attire and come ready to partake in the many splendors and talents of artists, musicians, and revelry-makers.


All patrons and guests attending the event are required to wear a mask while in the gallery. There will be refreshments available, but you are encouraged to take them to the outdoor spaces. All safety precautions are subject to change at anytime by event coordinators. Please see our event page for any updates leading up to the opening night events.



Cryptid Hair Parlour

Geek Partnership Society


Artistic Indulgence

Twin Spirits Distillery


Image: A.M. Downs

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