Together To Gather

Together To Gather

Weinstein Hammons Gallery is pleased to present Together To Gather, a group exhibition dedicated to the idea of the table as a symbol of gathering, intimacy, and celebration of human connection.

Showcasing works by more than twenty artists, Together To Gather surveys the relationship between art, food, and the table with artworks spanning over six decades.

As a distinct recognized genre, Still Life paintings originated in 16th century Europe and have since evolved into a multifaceted exploration of various art forms, aesthetics, and meanings. Together To Gather offers a look into this evolution, showcasing moments of grandeur from Laura Letinsky's portrayal of post-dinner aftermath in Untitled, #4, Guild Hall to Joel Meyerowitz’s photograph of Paul Cézanne’s studio table in France. 

Traversing diverse settings— kitchens to dining rooms, bars to restaurants—the exhibition provides a rich tapestry of shared human experience.  Notable instances include Bruce Davidson's poignant photograph capturing a family gathered around a kitchen table, as well as the introspective solitude depicted in Saul Leiter's image of a man quietly dining alone on Thanksgiving in 1945.

Together To Gather invites viewers to witness the myriad ways in which art captures the essence of togetherness. 

Included are works by: Slim Aarons, Daniel Arnold,  David Bates, William Bailey, Dawoud Bey,  Lawrence Brice, Jr., Bruce Davidson, Elliott Erwitt, Raeburn Flerlage,Gail Albert Halaban, Pao Her, Ronald Joseph, Saul Leiter, Laura Letinsky, Vera Lutter, Joel Meyerowitz, Martin Parr, Gordon Parks, Joe Shere, Alec Soth, Sara Suppan, Ann Toebbe, Paolo Ventura and Chelsea Ryoko Wong. 

Image: Bruce Davidson

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