The Warehouse Show Part 2: Paintings+

The Warehouse Show Part 2: Paintings+

Doug Flanders & Associates presents an exhibition of fine paintings, photography, sculpture, and more from their archives.

Douglas Flanders & Associates is pleased to announce their second installment of our epic warehouse style exhibition, titled The Warehouse Show Part 2: Paintings +. The exhibition will include work in a variety of mediums; painting, sculpture, photography and assemblage. This is a must see exhibition. The Warehouse Show Part 2: Paintings + will feature work from over 50 local, national and internationally renowned artists, and will be on view through July 2, 2022.

Bruce Anderson, Scott Lloyd Anderson, Gwen Avant, Hazel Belvo, Jim Bird, Samuel Bjorgum, Pierre Bonnard, Stanley Boxer, Patrick Bradley, Carl Bretzke, Donna Bruni, Bill Burk, Todd Clercx, Gayle Cole, Michele Combs, Doug Cummings, Marcia Casey Cushmore, Mark Dickson, Haze Diedrich, Steve Dietl, Tom Dimock, George Dussau, Marcel Dyf, Veron Ennis, Wayne Ensrud, Jil Evans, Eric Evenson, George J Farrah, Aaron Fink, Steve FIrkins, Kyle Fokken, Frank Gaard, Curtis Gander, Ginnie Gardiner, Art Gillespie, Louise Gillis, Lawrence Gipe, Greg Gossel, Paul Granlund, John Grider, George Halvorson, CeCeile Hartleib, Stephen Hartman, José Antonio Araujo Hernández, Luke Hillestad, Wade Hoefer, Matthew GG Holm, Leslie Holt, Don Holzschuh, Suzanne Howe, John Hruska, Perry Ingli, Andy Iverson, Doug Johnson, Wolf Kahn, Paul Klee, Eric Knoche, Richard Kochenash, Shay Kun, Terence La Noue, Marie Laurencin, Edward Lentsch, James C Leonard, Steven J Levin, Mary Lingen, Hugh Margerum, Kim Matthews, Shannon McElree, Josh Meillier, Wayne Meineke, Bill Monson, George Morrison, Jim Murray, Robert Natkin, John Newman, Kenneth Noland, Bruce Nygren, Christian J Ohnstad, Luis González Palma, Joe Paquet, Jonathan Phillips, Joan Porter Einsman, Marin Predescu, Joseph Raffael, Randy Reeves, Mario Reis, Tom Riggle, Cecilia Rivera, Scott Seekins, Todd Severson, Hunt Slonem, Barbara Smith, David Sollie, Steve Sorman, Dieterich Spahn, Jack Spencer, Jake Sumner, Bruce Tarasar, Joseph Theroux, Richard Tullis, Tom Tyler, Michael Tysdal, Nick Vander Loop, Mary Jo Vath, Joyce Weinstein, Mike Welton, Mike Willett, Joel-Peter Witkin and James Wrayge.

Tues – Sat, 11am – 6pm

Douglas Flanders & Associates is the oldest art gallery in the Twin Cities, established in 1972. We have one of the largest artwork collections in the region with over 15,000 pieces, which can be seen in our galleries or online. Our goal is to provide custom, tasteful artwork that complements a home in a balanced way as to maximize the aesthetic of a space and budget. 

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