The Promised Land: How Do We Change This

The Promised Land: How Do We Change This

An exhibition of work from artist Andrew Moore in collaboration with Amm-ra Seka. Curated by Joan Vorderbruggen.

The Promised Land: How Do We Change This: Is an immersive arts experience featuring provocative, dark, and raw assemblages of found objects, textiles, and mixed media. Moore describes his work as “reality art,” a powerful form of protest towards issues such as domestic abuse, gentrification, racism, and poverty.

“This work shows that my experience is unjust, as a formerly incarcerated Black man and member of the Panther Party, the truth gets lost in our society with all the violence we are subjected to. The Bill of Rights was never designed for people of color and the system and the injustice is all connected. So many people are asleep to what’s going on. My concept is to show people that this “Promise” has not been a promise to Black people and is something that everyone needs to view differently.” - Moore

Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays 12noon to 5p or by appointment

Andrew Moore is a Minneapolis, MN based self taught outsider artist whose work focuses on themes of racism, disparity, and injustices forced upon Black individuals and families in our community.

Mr. Moore is known for his previous work as a Powderhorn Park lawn artist, Moore made a 15 year practice using his front yard as an open-air gallery for controversial sculpture work that challenged local government and unapologetically called out inequities. 


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