The Morning Dip

The Morning Dip

The Morning Dip is an ongoing portrait series by Paris-based American-Swedish artist and photographer Peggy Anderson that captures this daily tradition, and associated attire.

The coastal village of Torekov, Sweden, is known for both its local pier as well as for a curious ritual performed by nearly every one of its residents. Each day, locals wake for a morning dip in the sea. There are unwritten codes of behavior associated with this daily tradition, including the selection of one’s bathrobe. 

What began as a simple series photographing Swedes wearing bathrobes, has evolved into a deeper examination of Peggy’s own heritage and relationship to a country where she lived as a child and now spends every summer.

For Peggy, time stood still as she fell into her own ritual around photographing every morning at the local seaside pier, Morgonbryggan, so called for its popular tradition. Over time, this project has become less about the end result and more about process and repetition.

“By picturing them, I am gaining insight into a community that, slowly but surely, I have entered, and into my complex identity as a Swede.” – Peggy Anderson

Peggy’s signature project, The Morning Dip continues to evolve. It was first exhibited at Fotografiska, Stockholm, in 2015, and a book by the same name was published by Kehrer Verlag in 2020. The book can be purchased through the ASI Museum Shop.

Peggy even shared that for some taking a morning dip in the water is “better than espresso.” With Minnesota’s love of coffee and our 10,000 lakes perhaps we can be the judge of that. Make ASI part of your ritual this summer, The Morning Dip opens July 21 at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, MN.

First Look: The Morning Dip

Be the first to see the new photography exhibit, The Morning Dip. Enjoy interactive activities, demos, and live music by Retrofizz in addition to hearing from the artist, Swedish Photographer Peggy Anderson. 

Wed. Jul 20, 2022

5pm - 8pm

Cost: $25 ($20 ASI member)

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