The End is Nigh

The End is Nigh

An End of Year Exhibition About Finality Featuring 200 Creatives And a Celebration of 10 Years of Light Grey Art Lab in the Twin Cities

The 200 artists in The End is Nigh Exhibition have created artwork in one of the following categories: allegory, characters in death, tombstones, scientific tools and objects, and wearables or clothing. Each artist has created new work inspired by some aspect of death or the processes around it. The gallery space will be filled with over 100 framed works on the wall and surrounded by 13ft tall stained glass-like images filling the gallery windows.

Artists have chosen a wide variety of topics, including infamous ghosts, gods and goddesses of the underworld, omens of death, curses, coins, and objects placed on the body for example. Each artwork includes a written component that shares some of the facts and mythology surrounding their topic.

The End is Nigh Art Book
The End is Nigh Art Book is a fully-illustrated, art anthology featuring some of the most notable symbols, processes, rituals, clothing, and history of death, burials, and the long sleep. Each section of the book dives deep into some of the process of dying and what we do with our dead. Artists from around the world have contributed to this project, and often chose topics from their own cultural heritage and mythology about creatures, the afterlife, and mysteries surrounding death. Each artwork is accompanied by a written description and context of the ritual or object. The book will be available for presale at the end of October on our online shop: The art book includes all work from The End is Nigh Exhibition.

The End is Nigh opens on Friday, October 29th, 2021, from 7-10pm. Join us for the final exhibit in our current space, celebrate all 200 artists in the show, Halloween festivities, and 10 years of Light Grey Art Lab events in the Twin Cities -- we are thrilled to open our doors for this celebration! *Costumes welcome* Work will also be visible in the space through the end of the year, on the virtual gallery, and available for purchase on the website and online shop ( The exhibit will include framed digital prints and stained glass-inspired window displays.

Guests will be required to wear masks for the duration of their visit, and there will be social distancing with limited capacity in the space. Halloween candy, treats, and beverages available.

Light Grey Art Lab is a women-owned, community-oriented arts organization bringing practicing artists together to teach, collaborate and explore. In the Twin Cities, Light Grey Art Lab hosts interactive workshops, exhibitions, and events for the public. And abroad, LGAL hosts international creative travel programs and experiences. Since opening in 2012, Light Grey Art Lab has exhibited and collaborated with thousands of illustrators, designers, concept artists and makers of all types.

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