The Dark Blue: An Exploration of Vampirism

The Dark Blue: An Exploration of Vampirism

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is proud to present The Dark Blue, a group exhibition exploring a most mysterious and fascinating phenomena, that of the vampire.

Within folklore the world over, vampirism is shrouded in mystery and offers a tantalizing peak into occult worlds and that which lurks in the night.

Each of the 50 exhibiting artists were hand selected through an open call process which invited artists of all backgrounds and disciplines to present their interpretation on the subject of vampires and vampirism. The works selected offer a wide and varied perspective on the subject and range from literal “vampiric” imagery to more emotive and psychological dramas while some may even challenge the viewers preconceived notions of what vampirism is all about.

From the quirky and light hearted to the dark and emotionally laden, the art presented in The Dark Blue is sure to tantalize and delight anyone interested in this most fascinating of topics!

This exhibit is in partnership with Dark Energy and the opening reception will coincide with The Vampire's Ball which will take place above the gallery in the Historic PNA Hall.

For more information about the Vampire Ball presented by Dark Energy, click HERE

Featured Artists: 

Alex Kuno, Matt Franzen, Jonny Kelson, Kao Lee Thao, Michael Thomsen, Caitlin Karolczak, Angel Hawari, Krista Sulkowski Donahue, Iya Nacuaa, CL Martin, Michelle Rasmussen, Emily Stark, Vera Mariner, Anna Peterson, Phaedra Odelle, Nikolina Lazetic, Eric Farseth, Rachel Girard, Matt Ollig, David Quady, Anna Brauch, Benja Wuest, Coralette Damme, Amanda Downs, Marty McConnell, Patrizia Vignola, Holly Streekstra, Nicholas Vander Loop, Abby Engle, Madelene Antrim, Jan Christopherson, Carolyn Bernhard, Spencer Gillespie, Andrea Bagdon, Madeline Waggener, Jo Warfield, JobyLynn Sassily-James, Madeline Larson, Breanna Rhodes, Sarah Evenson, Oriana Gatta, Vernon Vanderwood, Elise Gersky, Peter Lane, Rachel Coyne, Paul Cummings, Danielle DeTuncq, Janel Golden, Mary Bowman Cline & Nicholas Harper

Gallery Hours

Thur, Fri & Sat 4-8pm or by appt.

The gallery will be closed for a private Vampire Ball on Sat Sept 3rd. See above for more information.

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