The Cooler Exhibition

The Cooler Exhibition

The "Cooler Exhibition" is free and features over 30 hand-painted coolers for sale, alongside artwork and installations, with the artist’s studio on display.

Crisp Motif's "Cooler Exhibition" is now at Pillsbury House Theatre until April 5th. Her work transforms forgotten coolers into extraordinary works of functional art. Crisp Motif's artwork is as hip as it is accessible. Using intricate stencil techniques and hard lines, her pieces feature 3-foot caterpillars with glistening babydoll eyes, manic bees hovering in packs, and playful raccoons clinging to branches.  In addition to her residency at the Pillsbury House Theater, this spring you can find Crisp Motif painting at an assortment of live music events. She is as engaging as her artwork, dancing and conversing with her audience, while mixing patterns and colors with frenetic energy. 

Located in the lobby of Pillsbury House Theatre at 3501 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407. The exhibition is open weekdays from 9am to 6pm, until April 5th, with the artist on site in the connected studio space. Private viewings can be scheduled for Sunday, March 31st, and April 5th.  The location is also a drop-off site for patrons looking to get their coolers painted.

Visit Pillsbury House Theatre's patio on Chicago Ave. from 11am to 6pm on April 3rd to witness Crisp Motif's artistic process in person. Weather permitting, she will be preparing fresh coolers and other work for the closing VIP "Cooler Party" from 7-9pm. 

For more information and an invitation to the closing VIP Cooler Party on April 3rd, featuring live music and the debut of new artwork, please contact Crisp Motif directly

About Crisp Motif:

Crisp Motif is the artist pseudonym for Maddie Zampanti, a transgender artist, community organizer, and the March Art in the Commons resident at Pillsbury Theatre. Despite only painting for less than a year, she has made a Coleman-shaped hole in the art scene, Crisp Motif has quickly gained popularity with her weekly "Cooler Parties," featuring live DJs and visual artists.

About Pillsbury House Theatre:

Pillsbury House Theatre is a performing arts center committed to showcasing diverse voices and perspectives. Located in Minneapolis, Pillsbury House Theatre provides a platform for emerging and established artists to share their talents with the community.

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