Temporal Exchange

Temporal Exchange

A group exhibition of works on paper curated by students in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota, Quarter Gallery.

 The Quarter Gallery at the University of Minnesota presents Temporal Exchange, a group exhibition of works on paper curated by BFA students and alumni in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota. Temporal Exchange encapsulates the impermanent nature of time inherent to the human experience. The exhibition portrays visual documentations of lived experience from emerging artists as they navigate relationships with the past, present, and future. The human condition is defined by the progression of time both through the mental experience and the physical body. By highlighting works on paper, the curators call attention to the transitory nature of this material, which can fold, bend, and warp, and its function as a tool of documentation. Paper offers an intimate material experience that mirrors the fragile, flexible nature of memory and time.

Artists in the Exhibition

Zakaria Abdullahi, Miram Anglin, Ella Bounds, Charlie Cassellius, Leon Valencia Currie, Jack Drummond, Nafyar (Ekhlas), Essence Enwere, Wasima Farah, Nina Lund, Ian McKenna, Sonja Quimby, Renee Rademacher, Mia Schultz, Camden Stevens, Peter Verdoorn, Natasha Warwick, Nora West, Venus X.

BFA Student Organizing Team

The Exhibition was organized by Miram Anglin, Mia Schultz, and Camden Stevens with assistance from Charlie Cassellius (BFA 2023), Nafyar (Ekhlas), Jacquelyn Fay, Nina Lund, and Natasha Warwick. Lamar Peterson, Associate Professor of Drawing & Painting, provided faculty sponsorship and guidance to the organizing team.

Featured Artists

Zakaria Abdullahi

Miram Anglin

Ella Bounds

Charlie Cassellius

Leon Valencia Currie

Jack Drummond

Nafyar (Ekhlas)

Essence Enwere

Wasima Farah

Nina Lund

Ian McKenna

Sonja Quimby

Renee Rademacher

Mia Schultz

Camden Stevens

Peter Verdoorn

Natasha Warwick

Nora West

Venus X

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