Suyao Tian Solo Exhibition

Suyao Tian Solo Exhibition

June’s exhibit features explorative watercolors by Suyao Tian. Take a journey with us to the places Suyao has been and seen in the world of her imagination!

Suyao Tian Explores Humanity’s Inner Workings in Exhibition at Friedli Gallery

This June, a new gallery exhibit at the Friedli Studio features explorative watercolors by Suyao Tian. Suyao’s paintings represent places she has been and seen in the world of her imagination. Time and space are completely different in Suyao’s incredible works from the real world. Suyao uses painting to understand the relationship between humanity, nature, and the universe, exploring the internal questions of who we are and where we are.

Suyao Tian’s work creates a peaceful and safe space that invites people’s minds to wander and get lost within these immersive works. She uses abstract shapes, biomorphic, figure-like, and unknown elements to prompt curiosity. Suyao remarks, “People say they find peace in my works, that they find encouragement and healing”. Suyao believes inspiring people to find themselves is the most important function of her work and its place within society, and it is her hope that these immense works provide peace and inspiration to all who see it.

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