Sites of Exhaust

Sites of Exhaust

Quarter Gallery presents a two person exhibition featuring works by MALFLOR and Nancy Julia Hicks.

These artists unite their individual practices encompassing sculpture, installation, and printmaking to investigate the parallels between the environment, built structures and trans bodies. The RCA Emerging Artist Program seeks to support a diverse range of artistic practices within the visual arts, providing artists with opportunities to broaden their professional connections, build lasting relationships with their artistic peers, and gain wider exposure to the arts community in the Twin Cities.  

Editor's Note: The Feb 22nd reception has been postponed due to weather. The new reception date is March 17th. 

MALFLOR (AKA Kieran Myles-Andrés Tverbakk) is a first-generation Mexican-Norwegian-American and non-binary trans artist from Houston, Texas based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They received their BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2016 and have since participated in residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, Blue Mountain Center, and The Medium Arts. Solo exhibitions include A Complex Desire at Sure Space, But The Skin Of The Earth Is Seamless at Hair + Nails, In Tending To at the pH Gallery, and HULDRA at The Medium Arts.

MALFLOR Statement
MALFLOR (b. 1994 Houston TX) is a transdisciplinary conceptual artist working primarily in sculpture and installations. They are interested in how we separate ourselves into legible categories and how this legibility fails us by reinforcing otherness. Informed by personal experience and the poetics of material culture, MALFLOR creates artwork that addresses themes of separation, reconnection, humanity, nature, queerness, multiplicity, becoming, and returning.

Nancy Julia Hicks Bio
Nancy Julia Hicks (they/them) is a non-binary print and installation artist and educator from Houston, TX now based in Minneapolis, MN. Through visualizing the body as object and machine they illustrate and negotiate infliction of pain on the environment, space, and othered bodies. They’ve exhibited work at Dreamsong, Nightclub at Night, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in the Concourse Gallery, the Soap Factory, the Highpoint Center for printmaking, the Soo visual arts Center, and other locations. 

Nancy Julia Hicks Statement
Nancy Julia Hicks’ work visualizes human relationships to natural and built space through printmaking, sculpture, and video. Pairing materials that rest between resilient and gentle with seemingly precarious forms and structures, they implicate the body’s relationship to the social environment. Through materials like human hair and latex, building materials like chain and stone, and natural materials like dirt and wood shavings, they create visual narratives that visually layer the entanglement between the body, constructed space, and land. 

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Gallery Hours
   Tuesday and Friday, 11 am – 5 pm
    Wednesday and Thursday, 11 am – 7 pm
    Saturday, 11 am – 3 pm 

Access the gallery via the Regis Center for Art main entrance 

 L: Nancy Julia Hicks, Here she lays her call to you, 2021-2022, Cast liquid latex, asphaltum, plastic coated hook, 32 x 2 in. 

R: MALFOR, HOOKED, 2022, Serous fluid on stonehenge paper, 15 x 22 in.

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