Perpetual Sarah | Andrea Carlson

Perpetual Sarah | Andrea Carlson

Bockley Gallery is pleased to announce our fifth solo exhibition with Andrea Carlson which brings together new works on paper from three series including VORE, L’Assomption Sash for Carrying Things that No Longer Exist, and the exhibitions’ namesake, Perpetual Sarah.

Individually and collectively, these single and multi-panel drawings skillfully entangle and convolute perceptions of time and memory, land and landscape, and access and belonging. Through intricate layering of different media on each surface, a graphic sensibility emerges to falsely register as collage-like, opening transportive potentials within a two-dimensional reality. Ancestral traces, collected objects, and texts either appropriated or created seem to float like debris within multispecies and multiperspectival space. As surface denies access, viewers’ entry point becomes dependent on speculative projection relating to desire, survivance, and restitution. 

Gallery Hours: 

Tuesday through Saturday, Noon to 5:00 pm 

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