Each human travels a unique path in life.  Our experiences and interactions shape the way we perceive the world around us. Neural pathways in our brains connect thoughts, behaviors, and actions much like streets, walkways, desire paths connect people, places, and communities.

PATHWAYS centers on the juxtaposition of recognizing our interconnection and unity while celebrating the wild diversity of the human experience- in our bodies, our minds, and our world.

PATHWAYS features paintings and textile works by Lynda Mullan, Lena Osman, Kelly Pals, & Nina Robinson. PATHWAYS is curated by Nina Robinson.

ID: An image with a transparent abstract weaving by Kelly Pals in the background. In the foreground the text says "May 16 to June 23, Lynda Mullan, Lena Osman, PATHWAYS, coordinated by Nina Robinson, Kelly Pals, Nina Robinson, Reception May 31, 6 to 8pm, Fresh Eye Gallery 4238 Nicollet Ave S, MPLS" 

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