Pasaporte de los Sueños

Pasaporte de los Sueños

Semillas Galeria presents Pasaporte de los Sueño, a group exhibition that bridges past and present, underlining the dreams and legacies of ancestors and elders through video art of Latine artists.

Pasaporte de los Sueños (Passport of Dreams) forms a bridge between past and present, illuminating not just the wisdom and experiences of our elders, but also the dreams and stories of our ancestors. This exhibition showcases the works of Latine artists who bring to life stories, memories, and traditions that have traveled through generations.
Central to the exhibition is the recognition of the dreams that propelled our ancestors forward, the traditions they held for future generations, and how these aspirations have been shaped, preserved, or sometimes altered by the forces of colonization, migration, and displacement. It considers the passport not just as a travel document, but as a metaphor for the journeys—both literal and symbolic —that have defined the Latine experience.
The works in "Pasaporte de Los Sueños" explore the enduring impact of these journeys on our identity and community. They question how the resilience of our ancestors and the guidance of our elders shape our contemporary sense of self. The exhibition asks: How do we catalog and honor the dreams of those who came before us? 

Guest Curator: Drew Arrieta

Artists: Francisco Sánchez, Gisell Calderón, Jessica Carolina Gonzalez, MALFLOR, Tahiel Jimenez Medina

Open Hours: Sunday 1-6 pm, or by appointment 

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