Pandora’s Box + The Tomb

Pandora’s Box + The Tomb

Light Grey Art Lab presents two new exhibitions

Light Grey Art Lab is pleased to present two new exhibitions Pandora’s Box and The Tomb, opening June 18th from 4-9pm and on display through August 21st, 2021. The exhibitions feature work by over 120+ illustrators, designers, and makers of all types exploring the wicked and wonderful items within Pandora’s Box and the treasures, traps, and trinkets deep inside The Tomb. Each exhibition features a variety of postcards, stickers, pins, miniatures, ceramics, and more! 

Pandora’s Box + The Tomb: a collaborative mysterious mail swap 

The project is both an exhibition and a snail mail swap between all of the artists in the show. Artists in the project will receive a special care package with a complete set of work from the project along with special notes, maps, pins, and objects. Limited pieces from the project will be available to purchase alongside the show and sold through the online shop ( 

Pandora’s Box and The Tomb will open Friday, June 18th from 4-9pm, and will be on display through August 21st, 2021. Guests can browse through the intricate, creepy, and mysterious objects. Selections of works from the exhibition will be available through the gallery and online shop ( The opening reception is free and open to the public. 

Limited capacity for viewing, and all guests will be required to wear masks for the duration of their visit. 

Pandora’s Box Artists: Aden Wilke, Aisleen Romano, Amelia Gluba, Annemieke van Barlingen, Ashley Masog, Aster K. Foley, Becca Olene, Beth Sparks, Blythe Dockham, Casey Hunt, Cecilia Palacios, Cindy De la Cruz, Clara Dart, Cyelowyn Willey, Cynta Camilia, Dana Edwards, Daphinie Cramsie, Emma McDonnell, Grace Kim, Haley Potter, Heather Franzen Rutten, Hope Yu, Jacob Yeates, Jenny Wells, Josie Quack, Julia Lundman, Justin DeVine, Kailey Whitman, Kait Bartlett, Kamal Saggu, Mara McGuigan, Karina Rehrbehn, Kate Gottfredson, Katherine Botts Whitaker, Kathleen Jennings, Katie Eberts, Kayla Kowalyk, Kristin DeBoom, Kymberli Janine, Liz Pulido, Lizbeth Rosas Real, LM Pederson, Lora ChauDavis, Lydia Fusco, Mackenzie Hanesack, Maddy Wilson, Maggie Wauklyn, Margaret Blachnicka, Margaret Gissing, Megan Russell, Monica Amneus, Nicholas Smith, Paige Hender, Patricia Thomasson, Rachel Beenken, Robin K. Herman, Robin Lewallen, Robin Sheldon, Sara Wilson, Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn, Stephanie Lailine, Trisha Previte, Ulana Zahajkewycz, Will N. Hanson, Yahoo, Zhanrui Liu. 

The Tomb Artists: Alex Mitchell, Allison Gardiner Hurthibise, Allison Morris Lesch, Amanda Bell, Blue J, Caitlin Russell, Carmen Chow, Caroline Dougherty, Casey Hunt, Cassandra Mazur, Chiny Soukhoummalay, Ciara Cagemoe, Cindy De la Cruz, Cyelowyn Willey, Daphinie Cramsie, Elizabeth Gasse, Erin Elizabeth Hunter, Geonette Marie, Jacob Whitlow, Jenny Wells, Jess Schultz, Joey McCormick, Jonathan Randazzo, Jordan Goshe, Justin DeVine, Kaeti Vandorn, Kait Bartlett, Karin van de Kuilen, Kate Gottfredson, Kyle Harabedian, Lachlan Herrick, Lauren Ring, Lelia Woods, Linda Winder, Liz Butler, Liz Gollner, LM Pederson, Lynn Nguyen, Lysandra Nelson, Mahnoor Tahir, Megan Russell, Melissa Sisk, Michayla Grbich, Missy Lovegren, Monette Wan, Monica Amneus, Nancy Muller, Natasha Blush, Olivia Shetler, Peyton Stark, Rachel Beenken, Rebecca Bradley, Reed Underwood, Robin Sheldon, Sally Tennant, Scout Bennett, Shafer Brown, Shane Tolentino, Stephanie Lailine, Tom Wiener, Vivian Steckline, Weiwei Xu, Yunroo, Zhanrui liu 

About Light Grey Art Lab
 Light Grey Art Lab is a gallery, classroom, and event space located in the Whittier Neighborhood. Since opening in 2012, Light Grey Art Lab has exhibited and collaborated with thousands of illustrators, designers, concept artists and makers of all types. In addition to exhibitions, Light Grey Art Lab creates collaborative publications, tarot decks hosts workshops, traveling residency programs, and more. You can find out more information at @lightgreyartlab 

 Wednesday-Friday 4-8pm, Saturday 12-7pm, Sunday 12-5pm. 

Image: Rebecca Olene

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