Othering Mothering: Detonation of a Notion

Othering Mothering: Detonation of a Notion

Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art presents an exhibition of new sculptures and works on paper by Perci Chester.

Within this extraordinary moment of global strife and suffering, a creative opportunity presents itself. How can we—as members of the human family—remember our rightful place on the planet, remember our birthright of free-flowing interconnection? How can we reactivate our hearts and care for the vulnerable among all species? How can we reinvent ourselves, mother the others and give birth to a new Earth?

Perci Chester’s exhibition Othering Mothering: Detonation of a Notion presents birth, motherhood, and relationship as powerful metaphors for transformation and regeneration. Ever playful and serious, Perci sees nothing less required for building the right bridge to the future. Through her poetic and cryptic sculptures and dazzling works on paper Chester invites the viewer to reconsider absolutely everything in a quest to restore the world, both within and without.

Artist Statement

The current reality of political and environmental imbalance casts a dangerous shadow, inspiring me to create art that engenders healing – a meditation of humanity’s spiritual survival willing life back into balance. I believe art has strength that can empower community by sharing meaning in our unspoken visual language. When I incorporate and transform found objects from their original function, they open the trajectory of their history, asking questions that layers meaning. Impending motion and actual movement invite interaction with viewers and recognition of the life force within. Perci Chester

Artist Biography

Perci Chester is a contemporary American visual artist working across disciplines including photography, painting, and sculpture to explore notions of identity, play, and freedom. Her work has been exhibited extensively and is represented in numerous private and public collections. She lives and practices in Minneapolis.

Image:  Perci Chester, Blue Womb or aquarium of love, 2014, Painting on plastic swimsuit form, scanned, photographed by George Heinrich with filter. 41.5 x 28.75 x 1 in. , 52 x 45 in. framed

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