In NON, curator Will Gonzalez invites artists and viewers to release themselves from expectations and embrace the enigma of abstract art.

The magic of abstract images is in the ambiguity.  Abstraction conveys meaning and evokes emotion using line, color, form, texture, and composition. These works break barriers of communication and disregard assumptions of traditional artistic techniques. Every viewer is equally qualified to create their own connection to abstract work. 

ID: An image with a detail of the painting "“Golden Dawn” by Rajni Louise in the background. In the foreground the text says "NON, A Showcase of Abstract Works curated by Will Gonzalez, Reception Friday, June 28, 6 to 8pm, Fresh Eye Gallery 4238 Nicollet Ave S, MPLS" 

Gallery Hours:

Thurs & Fri 11 AM - 6 PM
Sat & Sun 11 AM - 4 PM 

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