Night of the Living Glitch

Night of the Living Glitch

A 2 night exhibition of video installation dedicated to the human-technology relationship, Anti-Authoritarianism, and Freedom of Expression

Exhibited artists:

  • Mark Klink
  • Mach Fox
  • Second Sight Visuals
  • G L I T C H E D M E M O R I E S
  • Miles Taylor
  • Zoe Stawska 
  • Clint Pottberg
  • Benjamin Wuest 
  • Jacob Charles Eidem

This stands as the third Glitch Art is Dead event for the Twin Cities, a proud hub of tech artists worldwide. 

Media coverage by Minneapolis Telecommunications Network.

Interviews by Symone Smash-it

Opening ceremony MC'ed by Misha Estrin (Free Hugs Guy)

Managed by Xanadu Media

Suggested $10-20 donation at the door for attendance.

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