neither this/nor that

neither this/nor that

Two person show at Second Shift Studio Residency presenting works by Anna Lehner and Dahn Gim.

neither this / nor that features works by Dahn Gim and Anna Lehner, artist-in-residences at Second Shift Studio, Saint Paul. Akin to a sketchbook page woven with dialogues of shared experience and exploring phase change through various materials as a metaphor for transient states of being. Gim's artistic journey is deeply influenced by her personal experiences as an immigrant and a "forever foreigner". Her work reflects the fluctuation between states of settlement and states of change, often resulting in a hybrid identity caught between assimilation and dislocation. Lehner’s work delves into the intersection of geological phenomena and human experiences, creating a dialogue between human temporality and the vast timescales of the Earth's geological processes.

Together, their work underscores the common interest in locating the fluid nature of things in between grappling with issues of displacement and idiopathic pain summarizing their shared dialogue, space, and time during their residency at Second Shift. It's about place and placelessness, not one thing nor another, neither here nor there, but occurring simultaneously. 

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