Melodee Strong | Líneas de Sangre (Bloodlines)

Melodee Strong | Líneas de Sangre (Bloodlines)

Líneas de Sangre (Bloodlines) is a solo exhibition of artworks by Melodee Strong.

Líneas de Sangre (Bloodlines) examines and reflects on the experiences of Melodee growing up as a “mixed” girl in Minnesota. Through her writings, recordings, research, and sketches she came to the realization that a show about her race wasn't enough. To get the full picture of her complex story, she had to include a time when her parents experienced significant trauma in their lives that eventually affected her life. It's also an examination into the traditions and beliefs that collided together from two completely different cultures to shape who she is.

The opening reception will kick off with a celebration of rich Peruvian culture! Music provided by DJ Angel and traditional dances performed by Mi Peru Minnesota!

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