McKnight Printmaking Fellowship Exhibition | Carolyn Swiszcz and Natasha Pestich

McKnight Printmaking Fellowship Exhibition | Carolyn Swiszcz and Natasha Pestich

Highpoint invites you to join us in celebrating the 2023 McKnight Printmaking Fellows, Carolyn Swiszcz and Natasha Pestich, at their cumulative exhibition.

The show will feature work created throughout their fellowship year, including large-scale monoprints, screenprints big and small, and mixed-media investigations—the compositions in the exhibition range from clamorously beautiful to quietly meditative. Although each artist's work differs greatly in mannerism and imagery, substantively, there is much intersection. Both Carolyn and Natasha confront themes such as nostalgia with images imbued with personal references and musings.  

"Over the fellowship year, I have been steeped in an exploration of what home means and where it resides, pulling from my personal experience of eviction. Inspired by the lottery tickets my mom regularly bought and the impromptu fridge collages my Dad forms from real estate ads and images of domestic life, I am seeking to develop a visual lexicon and material sensibility through handmade paper and printmaking, that allows me to hold onto something while letting go of the things that cannot be changed.” – Fellow, Natasha Pestich

We are excited to welcome Casey Riley to moderate a conversation between 2023 McKnight Printmaking Fellows Carolyn Swiszcz and Natasha Pestich on their practice, work, and other related topics that organically arise. The audience will also have the opportunity to ask questions of the artists and Casey during the conversation. Seating is limited, but this event is free and open to all! 

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