Love...or whatever 2024

Love...or whatever 2024

Goza Gallery is excited to announce our next event! They are bringing back the Love…or whatever exhibit for 2024. This year it’s all about the small things.  The artwork is set to be small in stature as well as the subject matter. The little things that bring you joy, love…or whatever.

Some of the more than 20 artists featured are: 

Greta Sanquist, Nicholas Harper, Beeper Bebe, Devin Newby, Eli Libson, John Sauer, Chris Nystrom, Barret Lee, Vivian Sandquist, DC Ice, Melody Libson, Inside the Robot, Heather Renaux, Kristi Abbott, Sue Mooney, Coreen Johnson, Linda Clayton, Jorie Engstrom, Jolene Turner, Kelly Nygard, Shane Anderson, Iris Libson, Isaiah Sandquist, and more! 

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