For WICK’s inaugural exhibition and Guy Nelson’s first solo with the gallery, Nelson guides us into an abyss of natural environments, ranging from lush atmospheres that evoke ostensible utopias to scenes that enrapture us with sinister premonitions.

His acrylic paintings almost register as oil; layers of paint and staccato mark making develop into a fluid vibration through prolonged viewing, while unexpected sculpture intermittently interrogates the installation.The exhibition title, LIVE LAUGH LOVE, reflects on a once positive sentiment. However, the saying now evinces dark humor, often sarcastically so, propelling us into a sardonic modality of perception and observation. Come be lulled by phantasmagorical landscapes that unravel themselves only to abruptly awaken you to a dystopian yet true (and raw) examination of land.  

Guy Nelson is an artist who explores the complicated and often polarizing relationship between the natural world and the challenging needs of humans. While the natural world evinces the wondrous, mysterious notions of the unknown, Nelson cyclically contemplates the relationship between environmental and human conditions, highlighting the delicate balance between both plant and human communities, exploring their shared challenges and synergies. However, one constant remains in his reexaminations: the shared environment of plants and humans and their importance.

Nelson's preferred mediums are acrylic pigment and acrylic spray paint, often on canvas or linen, which he uses to create a surface that brings out the glow and vibrations felt when experiencing a thriving atmospheric and sometimes ominous outdoors. His mediums, however, are not limited to his studio; motivated by the natural world and an environmental advocate, Nelson is involved in conservation and land stewardship.

WICK is a nomadic gallery that focuses on critically curated exhibitions. The gallery began as a curatorial practice by Tessa Wick. Please visit the gallery's website to learn more and subscribe to their newsletter. 

The gallery is open by appointment.

Image: Let's Get Lost Together (2024) acrylic on linen, 72 x 60 inches 

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