Listening | Tetsuya Yamada

Listening | Tetsuya Yamada

Check out UMN Professor Tetsuya Yamada's upcoming solo exhibition at the Walker!

The forthcoming exhibition features a broad range of recent and new work by Twin Cities–based artist Tetsuya Yamada (Japan, b. 1968), whose interdisciplinary practice blurs the lines between art, design, and craft. From ceramic objects that reflect an extraordinary level of technical and aesthetic sophistication to dynamic sculptures and to video installations, the featured works highlight Yamada’s engagement with the connections between life and art.

Yamada’s influences include the ancient Japanese forms of Noh theater and the traditional tea ceremony, the modernism of Brancusi and Isamu Noguchi, and the democracy of the found object espoused by Marcel Duchamp. Many of his pieces include found materials, such as bits of machinery, sawhorses, plywood, pegboard, or natural elements, in combination with his exquisitely crafted ceramic objects and delicate drawings. Often, these form vignettes that create visual and conceptual narratives about the relationships between objects in space.

The exhibition, the first US museum presentation of Yamada’s work, features more than 60 works from 2005 to the present, including sculptures in ceramic, wood, and metal; paintings; drawings; photographs; video; and an environmental installation.

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