It Is A Bed of Belief | Jesse Willenbring

It Is A Bed of Belief | Jesse Willenbring

David Petersen Gallery presents, It Is A Bed of Belief by Jesse Willenbring.

There are eight paintings, three books, and one large drawing comprising many small drawings that have been made collaboratively with 4 groups of people. Of the eight paintings, there are two large, four medium, and two small paintings installed in the gallery. Each painting revolves around a letter that is abstracted from a tree-like form. The letter gives way to a construction of painted space that leans heavily on the optical properties of color.  When looked at together, the eight paintings form the sentence, “iT is A BED.” 

Gallery Hours: Friday - Sunday 12-5pm 

Image: Jesse Willenbring, Untitled, 2023, photograph, dimensions variable

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