We are excited to announce and welcome Hafza Studio @hafzastudio to Minnesota and Soomaal for a one-of-a-kind exhibition. Join us for the opening day of Ilays Exhibition by Hafza Studio on November 25 for a vibrant journey into the captivating world of Somali textiles! More details coming soon.  

Ilays is an exhibition about the heritage of Somali textiles and those who are actively contributing to its enduring legacy. Meaning light, Ilays serves as an exploration of Hafza Yusuf's artistic and studio practice. The exhibition invites viewers to partake in a dialogue between history and futurism, tradition and innovation. 

In addition, Ilays pays homage to an artistic practice integral to Somali culture and tradition, now reinterpreted through digital technology, diasporic collaboration, and innovative techniques. This exhibition provides an opportunity to delve into the creative depths underlying these fabrics, offering insights into the artistic processes at play, and exploration of a rich spectrum of colors, handcrafted patterns and designs.

Gallery Hours: 

Sat, Wed & Thur: 11am - 5pm

Check out the Soomaal website here.

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