Hmong Girls Circle - Hmong Palette: Our Uniqueness in Bloom

Hmong Girls Circle - Hmong Palette: Our Uniqueness in Bloom

The Hmong Girls' Write & Design Circle is the first youth group of a youth art program called SEA (Southeast Asian) Us Write & Design. It is a safe and supportive space to build sisterhood and develop creative writing and artistic skills through a series of eight creative workshops. These spaces will uplift their voice & cultivate leadership and entrepreneurship skills. With this space, the girls curated their own exhibition, magazine, and creative products/artwork to sell in the gift shop. 

Stop by and to view the growth and accomplishments of the girls. This exhibition is the first of its kind and the first of the SEA Us Write & Design and The Hmong Girls’ Circle. The sub title of the exhibition is “Hmong Palette: Our Uniqueness in Bloom” and was developed by the girls. It represents how each one of them has grown as an artist and writer and how each one expresses their own individuality and creativity through this exhibit. They are their own unique flower, blossoming. It is meant to share the creative expressions and voices of the girls. It is meant to curate more stories and artwork by Hmong women and Southeast Asians.  

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