Heart Stains and Blooming Gestures

Heart Stains and Blooming Gestures

Supercharged Printmakers hosts a group exhibition featuring the work of Lindsay Doyle, J Pony Allen, & Jim Clark

Artist talk with Lindsay Doyle on January 13 at 9:30 Saturday Morning with coffees & doughnuts 

Open hours Saturday afternoons 2:30/3:00-5:00 on January 6 ,  February 3, February 13, February 17. With extended hours February 24 from 11:00- 4:00. For other showings please contact preppygenie@gmail.com showing through February 24.

Please note: The Artist Talk with Jim Clark on Thursday January 4 has been cancelled. 

Lindsay Doyle is natural ink artist from South Minneapolis that creates her own inks from botanical or industrial substances that are found or foraged from wild and domestic places. Lindsay is trained professionally as a production designer and sees her artwork as the playful balance to her design work. Through her practice and experimentation, she becomes more curious about colors and materials in the world around her, which she continues to explore with every adventure outdoors. Her appreciation for nature has always informed her lifestyle and work that celebrate the intersections of art, nature and science.

J Pony Allen lives and works in Hopkins.  He was born and raised in an interstitial space, a pocket universe between the IDS building and Amber Waves of Grain. He grew up in the wilds of Minnetonka where great mares once ran free, Dead Man’s Hill swallowed sleds, and the Swamp and Woods held great treasure.  The woods and swamp have shrunk, fully plundered. The hill has been capped with gardens and Dishes. And the horses have scattered west and east, north and south.

"These paintings examine and explore the delicious friction between organic growth and manufactured disruption.  Inspired by discoveries of bush plane wreckage on barren high tundra,  F250s abandoned in woodlands, intrusive thoughts, Darth Vader's paternal admission, irritated molluscs birthing nacreous gems, and stick framed barns caved in by giant's feet; these paintings are, in essence, bootleg interior & exterior landscapes.  Like unauthorized recordings of Rock Gods, their authenticity is questionable but the spirit of fanaticism is earnest."

Jim Clark is a draughtsman & painter.  He received his undergraduate art degree at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, an MFA at Vesper College, and completed additional study at Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne and at the Academie de Port-Royal in Paris.

"I explore the mysteries that bloom when physical and emotional realities collide.  A palimpsest of memory’s foundations rubs into marks of fresh observational immediacy.  Open corrections connote the ambiguous space between becoming and being and becoming again.  Recent imagery reflects time spent in taiga between the limits of the Far & Middle North, the trace of red-hot syrupy stained valentines, and the rodeo dreams of delicate brutes. These drawings embrace multivalent states, specifically the friction between romantic dreams and hard truths; the quiet, vicarious wallflower observations made loud and real through action."

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