Grafiska Sällskapet; Contemporary Swedish Printmaking

Grafiska Sällskapet; Contemporary Swedish Printmaking

Highpoint Presents an exhibition of contemporary printmaking by members of the Swedish Printmakers Association

Since 1910, Grafiska Sällskapet (the Swedish Printmakers Association) in Stockholm has provided opportunities, information, resources, and mutual support to its members. The association now boasts a membership of more than 400 active printmakers in Sweden and abroad. This exhibition, compiled by association chairperson Anne-Lie Larsson Ljung, board member Bo Ganarp, and association member Maria Eriksson will feature 40+ exciting examples of contemporary Swedish prints that utilize printmaking techniques in traditional and inventive ways. The exhibition wonderfully represents the visual diversity of the printmakers of Grafiska Sällskapet and is positively a must-see.

Image Credit: Ronald Miller

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