God’s Creatures | Kristi Abbott

God’s Creatures | Kristi Abbott

Collage Artist Kristi Abbott presents God's Creatures, exhibiting work that combines the use of color, pattern and textures.

As a collage artist Kristi Abbott is fascinated with the use of color, pattern and texture and tries to combine these elements in her work in an innovative way.

To keep herself motivated and focused during the continuing period of social distancing and isolation brought on by COVID-19, Abbott decided to embark on an experimental series where she would make a new piece of artwork every day of September, October and November – 91 pieces in total.

The artworks are united through a universal theme, "God's Creatures", and each artwork is an animal portrait. To try to capture the wonderful and varied scope of animals across the globe, Abbott has selected animals from all of the seven continents.

In order to make the event safe for everyone, one hour ticket spots will be offered and will be available to reserve in the coming weeks

719 South 10th Street Minneapolis, MN 55404 

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