Glitch Art is Dead

Glitch Art is Dead

An exhibition uniting the international digital art community curated and organized by Aleksandra Pieńkosz (Krakow), Zoe Stawska (Warsaw) and Miles Taylor (Minneapolis).

An international artistic project which started in Krakow, Poland in 2015, Glitch Art is Dead kicked off at Teatr Barakah with an exhibit of 30 artists and a day of workshops. Hosted by Gamut Gallery, the 2017 Minneapolis installment will feature an exhibition of more than 80 artists from around the world running March 11th-31st; a three-day weekend of Glitch Art workshops March 17th-19th; and a “Noise Night” exhibit finale on March 31st with performances curated by Alex Kmett. The Glitch Art is Dead: Minneapolis exhibition opening on Saturday, March 11th will feature DJ Ra'eon Stormare (DA) and visuals by Andrei J.

Glitch Art is an artistic phenomenon of internet culture. A glitch (in a visual and graphic sense) is a malfunction of a digital system, a computer error which can turn images into bizarre and colorful compositions. Images can be turned into sound or opened as word documents. You can change bytes in the code of a file to twist and distort it or you can strap magnets to a VCR and see what happens when you press play.


Although Glitch Art’s roots go back into the 20th century, it’s a nascent artistic movement with a far flung, but significantly sized community centered around the Glitch Artists Collective with a Facebook following of more than 52,000 people. Over 300 individuals from Minneapolis, Hong Kong, Vienna, São Paulo, and across the world submitted in excess of 2,000 works to the open call. From these submissions, 41 still image artists and 12 video artists were selected to have their work featured. It is the initiative's goal to foster a deep sense of community by bringing these digital denizens into the real world. The Glitch Art is Dead: Minneapolis exhibition aims to deny its title, introducing the viewer to a wide spectrum of artwork that shows the vitality of the medium.

For more information on the workshop and a full list of artists, see Gamut's site.

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