Galilee Peaches | a reservoir / a ravine

Galilee Peaches | a reservoir / a ravine

FOGSTAND is happy to announce their first exhibition of 2022, a reservoir / a ravine, a solo exhibition presented by Galilee Peaches.

In this new work: ‘a reservoir / a ravine’, Galilee Peaches creates an archive that acts as a sieve; a fictional collection of artifacts and found objects. A large wooden shelf is the centerpiece of the exhibition, hosting sculptures that appear calcified, forged or fossilized. This work reflects on the precarious nature of excavated artifacts, personifying them and envisioning these objects as extensions of the body. The archive speaks to both care and neglect, placing value and negotiating loss. The forms are placed in situ, which allows them to converse, spiraling into one another, generating fiction. This work is made with an almost compulsive awareness to material and orientation, with each piece lingering on the sensation and implication of touch. 

About the Artist

Galilee Peaches is an interdisciplinary artist who studies the dynamics of intimacy between individuals and within environments. She explores acts of retrieval, disruption and amendment, finding that we leave distinct traces of ourselves and of our actions on the objects around us. Her aim is to record this imprint in order to better understand our individual histories and collective existence. 

Gallery Open Hours
Sat/Sun, 11:00am - 4:00pm (or by appointment)


COVID-19 Policy
** Please wear a mask regardless of vaccination status during the visit in person to keep our community safe. 

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